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The information pages of the Social Counselling Hildesheim are currently being revised and therefore temporarily incomplete. For information on special topics, please use the websites of the social counsellings BraunschweigClausthal-Zellerfeld and Lüneburg.

Social Counselling

At each of the locations of Braunschweig, Clausthal-Zellerfeld, Hildesheim and Lüneburg, there is a social counselling. Its comprehensive counselling and support offer is free for students and people interested in studying as well as for their relatives and graduates of all 10 locations.

Responsibility for the secondary locations:

The social counsellors are there for you in regard to financial, social and personal questions and problems, that may occur during the course of your studies.

Sometimes a single information can lead to a solution of the problem but often the complex interrelation of different issues requires an intense joint analysis. Due to her knowledge, the social counsellor can provide competent support concerning decision-making processes and working out solutions in regard to a broad range of topics.

In general, our counselling takes place in form of a personal interview. You will receive infomation via phone or e-mail as well. Of course, all questions will be treated as confidential. If required, we will forward you to another competent contact person of our counselling network:

…and many more.


Your contact partner in Braunschweig:

Marta Gabriel-Kawulok


Bild von Marta Gabriel-Kawulok - Sozialberaterin

Adresse:TU Studienservice-Center R. 106

Adresse:Pockelsstraße 11
 38106 Braunschweig

Tel.:(05 31) 3 91-40 59
E-Mail:m.gabriel-kawulok (@)