Informations about the MensaCard (refectory chip card)

What is the MensaCard?

The MensaCard is a  means of cashless payment at all institutions of the Student Administration. It contains a rapid contactless Mifare-Chip. With the MensaCard, you can pay cashless at all refectories and cafeterias of the Student Administration .

What are the advantages?

  • The payment process at the cash desk is much quicker. With the MensaCard it takes about 2 seconds, paying cash takes about 30 seconds.
  • You need not burden yourself with coins.


Who is entitled to get the MensaCard?

  • students of the universities and colleges of higher education which are attended by the Student Administration OstNiedersachsen,
  • employees of the Student Administration, universities and colleges of higher education
  • as well as guests.


Where can you get the MensaCard?

You can buy the MensaCard at the cash desks of the refectories.

What does the MensaCard cost?

The MensaCard is issued for a deposit of 10 € . You can charge the card at once at the cash desk or at the recharging automaton and use it right away.


How and where can you recharge the MensaCard?

You can recharge your MensaCard cash at all automatons at the refectories of the Student Administration as well as at the cash desks of the refectories and cafeterias. The minimum amount is 5 € at the recharging automatons and 10 € at the cash desks. The card balance is limited to 100 € maximum.

How can you pay with the MensaCard?

Just place the MensaCard with any side on the card machine at the cash desk – in less than 2 seconds the amount is debited. Then you take back your card and keep it safe from damage.


What happens in case of loss?

You can get another MensaCard on the same condition as the first one.

What happens when you give back the MensaCard?

Provided that the MensaCard is not damaged, you will get back the deposit of 10 €.

Is it advisable to write down one’s name on the MensaCard?

By no means! Just note the card number. With this number, your card can be identified if it has been delivered at the cash desk. If you write down something on your card,  you will risk your deposit, as it is only refunded when the card is not damaged.