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Culture by students for students

The Student Services promotes the cultural education of students and supports student projects financially, too. You’ll get further information via the Merkblatt.

You will get to know here, which data are needed for the application.

Please send your documents online to: info(@)

At Braunschweig, there is the possibility to exhibit your pictures and photos  at the Mensa 1 TU, Katharinenstraße.

Cultural Office of the AStA

The Cultural Office of the AStA (Student Union) at the TU Braunschweig offers several workshops anf activities in the cultural field. You will find further informtion at the page of the Cultural Office.

Cultural Office of the Student Services OstNiedersachsen

At Hildesheim and Lüneburg and Clausthal-Zellerfeld, the Cultural Office is the contact point for the cultural concerns of all students.

Our service includes the cultural promotion from exhibition service through intermediation of artists up to contests and project- or event management.

Naturally, our staff in Hildesheim and Lüneburg is there in word and deed for students of Braunschweig as well.

Annette Zimmer-Bischof

Kulturbüro Hildesheim

Bild von Annette Zimmer-Bischof - Kulturbüro Hildesheim

Tel.:(0 51 21) 15 02-09
Fax:(0 51 21) 15 02-30
E-Mail:a.zimmer (@)

Marina Römer

Kulturbüro Hildesheim

Bild von Marina Römer - Kulturbüro Hildesheim

Tel.:(0 51 21) 15 02-09
Fax:(0 51 21) 15 02-30
E-Mail:m.roemer (@)

Claudia Jonischkies

Kulturbüro Lüneburg

Bild von Claudia Jonischkies - Kulturbüro Lüneburg

Tel.:(0 41 31) 7 89 63-21
E-Mail:c.jonischkies (@)