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Common abbreviations for real estate advertisements

1 ZKB 1 room, kitchen, bath

2 ZW 2-room flat

3-Zi.-DG-Whg. 3-room loft appartment

4-Zi.-ETW 4-room condominium

Abst. Compensation

App. Appartement

Ausst. Equipment

Bj. Year of construction

BK Operating costs

Blk. Balcony

Bung. Bungalow

Carp. Carport

DG Attic

DH Duplex house

DHH Semi-detached house

Du.-bad Shower bath

EBK Fitted kitchen

EG Ground Floor

EFH Single-family house

EP Parking space

erschl. Fully developed

Etg. Floor

ETW Condominium

Fußb.-hzg. Underfloor heating

G-WC Guest WC

Gart. Garden

Gart.-nutz. Garden usage

Gaset.-hzg. Gas floor heating

Grdst. Land

Grg. Garage

HK Heating Costs

Hs. House

Iso Iso-window

komf. Comfortable

KM Rent without heating costs

KP Purchase price

KT Deposit

Lg. Location

m² / qm Square metre

Mais.-Whg. Maisonette

MK Rent deposit

MM Monthly rent

MMK Monthly rent deposit

möbl. Furnished

mtl. Monthly

Neub. New building

Nutzfl. Effective area

NK Incidental costs

OG Upper floor

Ölz.-hzg. Oil-fired central heating

OT District

Part. Ground floor

prov.-fr. Free of commission

RH Terraced house

REH End-terraced house

renov. Renovated

RMH Mid-terrace house

san. Reconstructed

Sout. Basement

Terr. Terrace

VB Basis for negotiation

W.-bad Bathroom with tub

WE Housing unit

WE-Fahrer Weekend commuter

Wfl. Living area

Whg. Flat

Z.-hzg. Central heating