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Useful advice concerning registration, arrival, moving in, life at the dormitory and moving out

The fact that you received a place to study does not mean that you automatically have got a place at the student dormitory. That is why you must apply for it separately. The waiting times can be very long, especially at the beginning of the semester, and you should apply in time. The application for a place in the waiting list is completely without obligation for you. You need not even be registred at a university in order to be put on the waiting list. Only after you have been addressed and accepted the offer, the rental contract will become valid. Please note, that many other people will be addressed as well, and only those who will answer first will be awarded a contract. In any case, your place will be forfeited if you do not react to our offer. Please let us know by all means, that you want to remain on the waiting list and, if necessary, give us the date of your new favourite date for moving in.


The nearest larger airport is located in Hannover. You travel from there to your university location and dormitory by train or, within Lower Saxony, use the portal EFA, which lists all bus connections as well. The lockers at the station are secure and can be used to store things for a short time, but they are not always available for free. If you should arrive without a firm commitment for a room, you will find a link to the website of your university location at our section links, which will lead you to a list of hotels. Sometimes, the Student Administration has a vacant room at short notice. This is not often the case, but, if necessary, you can ask the Servicebüro Wohnen. Please note: if you have a rental contract with the Student Administration and should arrive on the weekend, you will have to find a temporary housing, until the service assistants can hand over your room (see below).

Moving in

For moving in, you have to make a date with the service assistant directly (contact information at the overview page of your dormitory). Please note, that the service assistant won’t be available on weekends or at night. Take care to adjust your arrival to the working time, because otherwise you will have to bridge the time with a hotel room. When moving in, you and the service assistant must fill in a report about any defects. In your own interest you should take care that this report is filled in correctly and that all major damages (furniture etc.) are recorded. Otherwise, you might be obliged to reimburse the Student Union when you move out.

Life at the dormitory

Important note: you are not entitled to permit other people to live in your room. Controls are in place to ensure this regulation and its violation will lead to a termination of the contract without notice! The most important regulations and advice concerning life at the dormitory can be found in the house rules, which are handed over to you along with the rental contract. The service assistants are contact partners for most of the questions regarding life at the dormitory. If you have questions concerning your rental contract, you should discuss them directly with dormitory management, though.

Please note, that your rental contract is only temporary. You should take care of a potential prolongation of your rental contract in good time (at least one month before termination). Please enquire in advance, whether a prolongation is possible at all.

Moving out

When your rental contract expires due to written cancellation or the date given in the rental contract, please contact the service assistant in order to make an acceptance report (at least to weeks prior to moving out). Please take care that the report is filled in correctly both when moving in and moving out, as it becomes final and accepted by you after you have signed it.
The rooms must be returned clean-swept. Possibly, the service assistant will make a preliminary acceptance test during which she/he will inform you about what you might still have to do in regard to the room. If you should return the room in an untidy condition, you will have to bear the costs incurred by damages and cleaning respectively. Your deposit will be transferred to your specified bank account eight weeks after your last rental payment at the earliest. If you have caused any damages to the room, the costs of repair will be subtracted from your deposit.