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Counselling is often the first contact point, if personal, social and financial problems should occur during the studies.

Personal consultation and information are of paramount importance. There are often very complex problems, where personal, financial or organisational difficulties interrelate.

Sometimes, a single piece of information may suffice to solve the problem, but more often, an intense support in regard to decision-making processes and finding solutions is necessary.

In order to make the counselling as suitable as possible, it might become necessary to consult other institutions, authorities or counselling centres.

Please contact the Counselling in Lüneburg.

Psychological Counselling

Our Psychological Counselling is there for you! Don’t hesitate to contact us, if you

  • suffer from lack of concentration
  • have exam nerves or suffer from other fears
  • have conflicts with parents, partner or flat mates
  • often feel cast down or depressed
  • have problems with your self-esteem
  • have unsatisfactory  relationships with other people
  • often feel overstrained or insecure
  • have an acute personal crisis
  • want to talk about a problem with someone who listens to you openly, neutrally and with appreciation
  • need information about psychotherapy

Please contact the Psychological Counselling in Lüneburg.

Legal advice

The Student Administration offers legal advice in cooperation with the student unions (AStA) of Braunschweig (AStA TU BS, AStA HBK, AStA FH BS/WF), which are organising the consultation. The service includes a free initial consultation of a laywer. You can learn the office hours at the AStA of the TU:

Certification Service

The Student Administration offers a certification service at all its locations.  Further information

Further service in your vicinity: