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The counselling of the Student Administration OstNiedersachsen in Lüneburg offers advice and information in regard to social aspects of studying, e.g. unemployment benefit, health insurance, remission or housing benefit.

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Feel free to contact our counsellor in Lüneburg:

Kerstin Hanelt

Sozialberaterin Lüneburg

Bild von Kerstin Hanelt - Sozialberaterin Lüneburg

Tel.:(0 41 31) 7 89 63-20
Fax:(0 41 31) 7 89 63-40
E-Mail:sozialberatung.lg (@)

Office hours

Tuesday:   10.00 – 14.00 h
Thursday: 09.30 – 12.30 h
and by arrangement over the phone


The Student Sevices administrates a loan fund which serves to grant short- and medium-term loans. The short-term loan is meant to bridge acute financial problems and can be granted once with a sum of 600 € maximum. It must be paid back within twothree months.
Medium-term loans are granted as degree loans. They are transferred monthly in 6 equal instalments of 500 € maximum. The loan must be paid back not later than 12 months after the receipt of the last instalment. A certificate of the university must be put forward, that the studies will be finished within 6 months.
The short-term loan is without interest, the medium-term loan is without interest within the payout period. Subsequently, it will have an interest of 2%. Both kinds of loans must be safeguarded by a declaration of surety! Furthermore, you have to bring along a matriculation certificate, valid identity cards of both loanee and guarantor and a salary statement of the guarantor of the previous month. A handling fee of 2% of the amount borrowed will be charged.

For further information, please contact the counselling of the Student Services.

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