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Who is entitled to live at our dormitories?

Students under the responsibility of the Student Services OstNiedersachsen. If there are rooms still available, students from other universities, who can give evidence for the reason of their (temporary) stay (time of practice, work shadowing), will be accepted as well.

For how long can I live at a dormitory?

Short-term rental contracts have a minimum leasing period of one month. There is a general time limit for rental agreements of a maximum of five years. “Guests” (trainees etc.) will be accepted for a maximum of one year.

When should I make an application?

A request for reservation can be made at an early stage. A confirmation of matriculation need not be established before signing the rental contract. Reservation is free of charge and without obligation. Obligations for you will only arrise when you accept our room offer. We will save your personal data in a computerized system in order to facilitate administration. These data are used exclusively for this purpose and won’t be handed over to third parties.

How can I make an application?

A request for reservation of a place at the dormitory can be filled in online right here. We will include your request in our preregistration list and offer vacant rooms to interested persons in order of registration. Please react to our offer within eight days. Otherwise we must unfortunately consider that you are not interested in a reservation any more.

Where can I get further information?

Via phone or in writing or by email at the department “Studentisches Wohnen” (student housing). Please state your university location within all written requests, as we are responsible for many locations.

Are there waiting times?

Yes, the probable waiting times (due to the number of given request of reservation and based on the experience of move-outs) are listed on the dormitory applications. As a rule, waiting times are especially long at the beginning of the semester.

Which forms of housing are offered?

There are a lot of different forms of housing at our housing complexes:

  • Rooms (mostly with wash basin) in larger units with shared kitchens and sanitary rooms
  • Rooms in shared flats for 2 to 7 persons with shared kitchen and bath room (partially second/separate toilet)
  • Appartments with pantry kitchen and bath/shower and WC
  • Doublets (2 rooms) with pantry kitchen and bath/shower and WC (ideal for friends/couples)
  • (Small) Flats, mostly for families

What equipment can be expected?

Please have a look at the description on information leaflets and the according dormitory pages in the internet.

The rooms are often furnished and there are rooms with washing machines / dryers as well as phone lines and cable / satellite connection. There are mostly common/party rooms and bike cellars. An internet connection is only available at those dormitories, where it is explicitly mentioned. We are striving to provide further cabling.

What is the equipment of furnished rooms?

As a rule, there is a bed, a cupboard, a chair and a shelf. In some rooms, there is also an armchair. You must bring dishes, bedclothes etc. with you by all means.

What are the rental costs?

All prices stated in the information leaflet and the internet are examples. The specific rental offer sent to you is binding. All prices include incidental expenses, heating, water, possible cable connection, use of the common areas, partially cleaning of the corridors and common facilities. Partially, energy must be paid separately according to consumption. Upon conclusion of the rental contract, you have to pay one month’s rent as a deposit.

Are there special offers for disabled students?

The Student Services provides a number of so-called barrier-free housings. These might not satisfy all specific needs, but we are striving to find individual solutions in each case. If you are interested in a place at the dormitory, please contact our dormitory management.