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Always a good choice: living at the Student Services

If you are looking for a room, you will compare size, rent and incidental costs before you will make a decision. Sometimes, this is not easy because it can differ from case to case what the rent consists of  – and the small flat, that seemed to be so great in the beginning, turns out to be a bottomless pit.

If you conclude a rental contract with the Student Services, you will know from the beginning which costs you will have to expect. Above all, you do not have to be afraid that there might be bills turning up later, which will take you completely by surprise – as our rents are all inclusive!

With us you do not need to take care of any contracts with an electricity- and gas supplier yourself – those costs are included at almost all dormitories.

An internet connection is included almost everywhere as well, so that you need not worry about an adequate internet provider, who can offer you the service that you would like to have – amn for a reasonable price as well. Moving out is no problem with us either, as we will take over the renovation for you.

With us, there are no hidden costs and you do not have to take care of anything.

How are the rents of the dormitories of the Student Services made up? Basically, the rent including heating consists of: – the basic rent – an operating cost allowance and – possibly a surcharge.

What does basic rent mean? The basic rent is calculated following the Second Calculation Regulation (Zweite Berechnungsverordnung) ( and considers different factors like e.g. administrative costs and depreciations, maintenance costs and decorative repairs.

A significant part of the rent is caused by the capital costs. These are costs which are due for the purchase, construction or modernization of the dormitories. The capital costs are aggregated for all locations and equally split between the dormitories. Thus, we achieve that dormitories, that have been built before 1995, which means, that their construction has still been subsidized, contribute to the financing of those dormitories that have been constructed or renovated later.

Depending on the location, state and equipment of the rooms, finally a surcharge or a discount is calculated and the regular losses of rent are taken into account, which are caused by the above-average fluctuation and the connected renovation works.

What is an operating cost allowance? Among other things, the operating cost allowance includes costs for heating, electricity and water as well as for internet connection, waste disposal, industrial cleaning, winter maintenance and for the care of external premises. Several different insurances and the property taxes are covered, too. Even a household insurance for your room is directly included.

And as the operating cost allowance is paid flat, nobody has to be afraid to receive an additional charge at the end of the year. You will just have to pay extra, if you cause a damage or do not fulfil obligations arising from the house rules, e.g. if you do not contribute to keeping the shared kitchens and halls clean.

Which surcharges may come up? A surcharge will be made, if you e.g. rent a furnished room or apartment. If you decide for a contract which has another termination than the end of the semester, the additional expenditure will be taken into account, too.

Exemplary figures for a room in a shared flat (size: 13,75 m²):

Basic rent:                                 134,- €

Operating cost allowance:   112,- €

Furnishing:                                25,- €

271,- €