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Students may choose between different leasing agreements

Students, who want to move into a dormitory of the Student Services OstNiedersachsen, are principally entitled to choose between different leasing agreements. Would you like more flexibility in regard to the notice period? Or do you want to save money by signing an annual contract? You have the choice between two different leasing agreements:

Semester contract

The semester contract has a run time of 2 years max. The run time stated in the contract is limited and ends with the expiration of the run time agreed.
Both contractual partners are entitled to an extraordinary termination with a two month’s notice before the end of the term. End of term is the 28.02./31.08 and 31.03./30.09., depending on the semester time of the respective university.

Annual leasing contract

The annual leasing contract has a run time of at least eleven months. The contract end at the end of the respective semester. If the room should be in good order and condition when the contract expires, The Student Services will reimburse a fixed rental value after the inspection of the room. The contract is temporary and cannot be terminated prematurely.