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Before university application

Before you decide on a course of studies, you should make use of the student advisory services and information days at the universities.

  • Does the course of studies fulfill your expectations?
  • What occupational outlook has the aspired course of studies?
  • What are the admission reuirements?
  • Which application modalities are there?

Study Advisory Service TU Clausthal



Especially students with disabilities and/or chronical illness should prepare their student day-to-day life as far as possible. Are the premises barrier-free? Must a constructional retrofit be engineered in the individual case? In general, the disability representatives of the universities are available to you. They can arrange smaller necessary constructional retrofits or apply for the purchase of equipment.

Advice for disabled persons: Study Advisory Service TU Clausthal


For disabled students, specially adjusted technical devices and working materials are often a necessary basis for the implementation of university studies. Besides technical support, many disabled students might als need personal assistants. The responsible body for integration support is the subordinate service provider of these personal assistants and technical devices.

In regard to an application for a university place, prospective students with disabilities have the possibility to improve their chances of admission. In addition to the  application for approval, the following special requests can be made:

  • application for preferential treatment of first study location request
  • hardship application for immediate admission to studies
  • application for disadvantage compensation (improvement of average grade)
  • application for disadvantage compensation (improvement of waiting time)

There are always strict pre-conditions being applied.

For further information see Pages of the Deutsches Studentenwerk.

Students with disabilities and chronic diseases have a legal right to disadvantage compensation in their studies and examinations, in order to create equal participation in their studies. Since the compensation for disadvantages always has to be arranged individually and according to the situation or has to be applied for via the examination board (with proof, as a rule a specialist medical certificate), there can be no binding requirements for these. Examples include proven disadvantages compensation: writing time extension for exams, extension of preparation times for oral examinations, individual break times (along with extension of the processing time), change of examination form, examinations in separate rooms, modifications of attendance duties and many more .It is advisable to contact the respective disability officer of the university (see above) or the social counselling in good time at the beginning of your studies.

In order to be able to study in Germany as an international student, you have to fulfil some qualifications. You will need:

  • good German language skills
  • a university entrance qualification, i.e. a certificate with which you will be accepted for a course of study in your home country
  • a residence permit, if necessary
  • a proof of financial resources
  • a proof of health insurance (see also enrolment)

You will find more detailed information at the following institutions:

Deutsches Studentenwerk

Deutscher Akademischer Austauschdienst (DAAD)

International Centre Clausthal