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Financing possibilities

The financing of one’s studies mostly is a mixed financing. Please keep in mind that some forms of financial support are reserved for German students. If you have any further questions, do not hesitate to contact us!

The main sources of income are:

Possible alternatives:

Apart from that, as a student you may possibly take advantage of:

In general, disabled students or students with a chronical disease have the same obligation to sustain themselves: the common education- and living costs are usually to be covered by assets or income of the students or their maintenance-obliged relatives, respectively.

International students, who have a residence permit for the purpose of studying, as a rule do not receive social benefit.  Under certain conditions, international students, especially those from EC-countries, may receive BAföG (student loan).

We will inform and advise you in regard to your personal case about all offers. You can also get more information on the following pages.