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Graduation support repayment
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BAföG (Federal Education and Trainings Assistance Act) is an educational support, which as a rule is granted half as government grant and half as interest-free loan.

Depending on the parents’ income (except with parent-independent BAföG),  as well as on own income and assets, the financial support can amount up to  670 euros per month.

Apart from that, there is a childcare allowance upon application, if students live in a household with at least one child younger than 10 years. The childcare allowance amounts to 130 € for each child. The childcare allowance is granted as full grant.

The applications have to be made early and handed in personally or by mail at the Department for Study Financing of the Student Services. The application forms are available on-site or online.

It is always recommendable to deliver the applications in person during the office hours of your responsible BAföG-assistant: he/she can tell you right away, whether the application is complete or whether any documents still have to  be submitted.

If possible, the first application for BAföG should be made two months before the beginning of the studies, just as the further applications should be made two months beforen the expiry of the appropriation period. As a rule, an appropriation period lasts 12 months , sometimes also less.

In general, BAföG is paid for the standard period of studies. For ongoing support, a performance record must be produced during the 5th semester. A support beyond the maximum support term is possible, if reasons for the delay (e.g. childcare, long-term illness, participation in legally provided university committees) can be proven.

If there are no reasons for prolongation or if those have been exploited, BAföG can be granted under certain conditions as an interest-bearing bank loan (‘Graduation support’).

Department for Study Financing Braunschweig

You will find further information on BAföG in our brochure ’Study Financing‘ or at www.bafö


BAföG repayment

The repayment of BAföG starts five years after the end of the maximum support term. About 4 ½ years after the end of the maximum support term, the  Federal Office of Administration issues a notice of annulment and repayment. Here, the period of repayment and the amount of the rates are defined.

The monthly repayment rate amounts to 105 euros, which as a rule is made quarterly amounting to 315 euros. The repayment sum is limited to 10,000 euros. There is a reduction, if the loan is paid back partly or completely before the due-date of the first quarterly rate.  You will get detailed information at the  Federal Office of Administration.


Graduation support

The BAföG graduation support can be used for 12 months maximum, if the examination office certifies (within four semesters after the exceedance of the maximum support term the latest) that the studies can be finished in the time frame of the graduation support.

It is an interest-bearing loan. Application takes place by a regular BAföG application plus the prognosis certificate signed by the examination office. The contract is made directly with the KfW-Bank.

The calculation is analogous to BAföG, the monthly amount can be limited, though. The loan is interest-bearing from the day of  payment on, but the interest is not due until the beginning of repayment.

Graduation support repayment

The monthly repayment rates amount to 105 euros the least and start 18 months after the payment period. It is possible to make an agreement on fixed interests within this period.

The amortization schedule is matched by the KfW-Bank with the Federal Office of Administration, who is responsible for the administration of the government grant that has possibly been used. Background: the interest-bearing BAföG bank loan is paid back before the (interest-free) BAföG government grant.

If the repayment rates should not be affordable, there is the possibility to agree on respite or the reduction of rates. For this, the financial situation must be proven with payslips, notice of the receipt of social benefits, enrolment certificate or the like.


BAföG support abroad

BAföG support abroad is possible. Who wants to study in a EU-country or in Switzerland can receive BAföG for the complete standard period of studies.

Who wants to study in another country is supported for one year maximum. For this, the regular course of studies must take place at the respective domestic territory or in the EU.

The application for BAföG abroad is made – depending on the target country – at the respective responsible BAföG office (not at the BAföG office at your study location in Germany).

A mandatory internship of at least twelve weeks duration can also be supported – inside as well as outside of Europe.

It is recommended to apply early, i.e. about half a year before the planed stay abroad.

Here you can determine the responsibility.