Parental maintenance

According to the Bürgerliches Gesetzbuch (civil code), parents are obliged to finance an adequate education  (precisely: adequate previous education in regard to a profession) for their children.

As a rule, the appropriate maintenance requirement of a student who does not live with his parents amounts to 735 euros per month. The  Düsseldorfer Tabelle serves as a directive.
There is no real age limit or set duration of the maintenance obligation. The standard study period can be regarded as standard – plus an appropriate further period.

If the parents are not able to grant (sufficient) maintenance, it is possible to receive BAföG under certain conditions.

If your parents or one parent refuse to pay the maintenance calculated by the BAföG office or if they do not even submit the necessary documents,  you should seek advice with the BAföG office.
There is the option of advance performance. If your parents have the obligation of maintenance, the BAföG office would get directly get back to them in regard to  a re-payment of the advance performance and possible legal costs.

Department for study financing Clausthal