For many students, an own income is an important part of the study financing.

In regard to this topic, many questions may arise:


Important for international students: If you are not coming from an EU- or EEA-country, you may only work 120 full- or 240 half days without the consent of the job agency or the foreigners’ registration office – internships included. If you want to work more, you need the consent of these authorities.
Working as a graduate- or student assistant represents an exception: these jobs can be excercised without any time limit, as long as the studies are not endangered. Note: even a required internship may exceed the limit of 120 days.
The majority of European students has free access to the job market.

You will find the detailed regulations for international students at the website of the DSW.


Time management

If you have the feeling that you have troubles in arranging your studies and a job on the side, feel free to use the offers of the  Psychological Counseling Centers in regard to the topics work structure, relaxation and time management (Brochure as PDF).