Income limits

If you as a student have income from a side job, this might affect the family insurance as well as BAföG, child benefit and (half-) orphan pension.

  • Family insurance
    In order to remain within the free family insurance, the monthly income limit of 445 euros has to be kept in mind. In case of earnings from a minicab, the limit rises to 450 euros (compare insurances).
  • BAföG
    BAföG recipients may earn extra money of in total 5,400 euros gross within the whole appropriation period by means of a side job (dependent employment)  without any deduction from BAföG. That makes an additional income average of 450 euros gross per month. Monthly fluctuations do not pose a problem. This income limit counts for single, childless persons.
    You will get further information at the department for study financing (Abteilung für Studienfinanzierung).
  • Child benefit
    Initially, an earned income does not play any role in regard to child benefit. If you do a second degree course of studies, you should keep an eye on your weekly working hours, though. A second degree course of studies exists if you successfully completed an apprenticeship or a first degree course of studies before your current studies.
    In this case, the entitlement to child benefit is forfeited if you have a job with regularly more than 20 hours of working time per week (cf. Working student regulation). The income level is irrelevant.