Study loans to finance the living costs are characterised by rather low interest in comparison to conventional credits. Admission requirements, duration of payment and repayment conditions differ according to the kind of loan.

Before you apply for a study loan, you should check thoroughly, whether you have thought about and made use of all other possibilities to finance your studies, e.g.:

  • Which costs can you reduce in general?
  • Can you claim reasons for prolonging  BAföG?
  • Are you entitled to housing allowance?

Study loans are characterised by the fact that in contrast to usual loans, they have rather low interests and are paid out monthly.

There are many different kinds of study loans. As a rule, between 100 and 800 Euro can be borrowed, mostly for ten semesters maximum, while different age limits and requirements in regard to nationality must be considered.
It is by all means of great importance to have a look at the interest rate (fixed or variable) and to check the repayment conditions closely!

In the following, the  KfW-Study loan and the  education loan are exemplarily explained. You will find a survey with these and other study loans here.