Child benefit

Child benefit is a social benefit, to which the legal guardians are entitled to for every child. It serves to ensure the means of the child’s subsistence.

In general,  the right to child benefit exists for every child from its birth until the age of 18 – without regard to parental income. It is possible to receive further child benefit until the child becomes 25, as long as it still receives educational or vocational training. Child allowance ends with the month of the 25th birthday.

For students with a disablement, the child benefit can be paid longer than until the 25th birthday.

An employment of the child until the end of the first vocational training or the first-degree studies is not considered negatively.
The right to child benefit ceases during further training, though, if the child has an employment which regularly exceeds 20 working hours per week.

Apart from that it is possible that student parents (i.e. students with children of their own) and their respective parents receive child benefit at the same time.

The amount of child benefit is 194 € for the first two children each, 200 for the third child and 225 € for every further child. Child benefit must be applied for in written form at the responsible family benefits department of the job agency.

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