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Legal Counselling  for students of the TU Clausthal!

Students who need legal support now have the option to get counselling by a local lawyer. This service is financed by the Student Administration OstNiedersachsen and the Student Council (AStA) of the TU Clausthal.

Until now, students had to apply for an advisory aid permit at the responsible local court (Marktstraße 9), bevor they could get an initial consultation. Under specific circumstances, e.g. because of missing documents or your property being too high, the court denies to issue such an aid permit. Furthermore, there are situations in which students need legal support immediately and do not have the time for an application procedure.

In these cases, the students may contact the consultants of the Student Administration or the AStA of the TU Clausthal. Both are cooperating closely with a local lawyer and are able to arrange an initial counselling unbureaucratically. If there should be any further need of legal consultation, the lawyer will clarify whether you should apply for legal aid.

Contact partner:

Britta Siemann, Counsellor
Phone: (05323) 72 39 25

AStA – Allgemeiner Studierenden Ausschuss der TU Clausthal

Phone: (05323) 72 20 60