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Graduation phase

When do you cease to have a student status? From what date on won’t you be entitled to student benefits like health insurance or working student regulations? These topics do not always have to do with a de-registration!

BAföG (student loan)

From 01.08.2016 on, the BAföG loan ends the latest with the last part of the exams (compare § 15b BAföG).

Mandatory student health insurance
It terminates on expiration of the last semester you have been registered for. This is even the case if you should de-register during the ongoing semester. Example: the semester lasts from April to September. The de-registration takes place on the middle of May and you only have a minijob – thus, the student health insurance persists until the end of September.

Family insurance
Ends with de-registration, as long as all exams have been passed.

State aid
The entitlement to state aid is directly linked to child benefit, see next passage.

Child Benefit
It is decisive, at what time you achieved your last exam performance. That can be before or after de-registration (if possible in regard to the specific university regulations).
If you are between two parts of training, there may be an entitlement to child benefit in that period, e.g. between bachelor’s- and master’s degree studies, traineeship or probationary internship. You will find the precise exegeses at the ministry ordinance (Dienstanweisung zum Kindergeld (PDF-Download)).

Doing jobs with working student status
The option to do jobs with working student status ceases with the end of the month in which an official, written confirmation of the overall result of the test performance has been received.

ALG II (Unemployment Benefit II)
As the entitlement to BAföG-loan ceases with the last exam performance, an ALG II-application can be made – in spite of registration.

(Half-) orphans pension
University education ends with the filing of the final exam if the exam result (Passed/Failed) is notified at the same tim., If the result is notified later, the date of notification is decisive.