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What are the costs of a course of studies?

At least after you have mastered the impediment of being admitted to university, there are some essential questions to answer: “What will my studies cost me and how am I going to finance them?“. As besides the living costs like rent and food, there are also expenses for semester fees (and possibly long-term study feesinsurances and study materials etc. that must not be neglected in regard to planning.

Every three years, the Deutsche Studentenwerk carries out a student survey. These regular social surveys give a quite proper picture of the economical and social situation of students in Germany. Amongst others, one question concerns the living costs. The following average monthly numbers come from the  20th Social Survey (2012).


Monthly expenses of students

(average numbers)

Individual expenses                                           = 794 € + x

Learning resources                                                  30 €

Phone, internet, radio- and                                   33 €


Clothing                                                                    52 €

Health insurance, doctor’s fees,                          66 €


Leisure, culture, sports                                         68 €

Car, public transport                                             82 €

Food                                                                        165 €

Rent incl. auxiliary costs                                     298 €



Source: Deutsches Studentenwerk


Situation in life differ: Anybody who is medically insured through the parents for free, does not need to finance a health insurance. On the other hand, these statistics do not list semester fees or other potential study fees.

Furthermore, disabled students or students with a chronical disease may often face significant additional costs in connection with studies or the securing of the livelihood. There are different payers responsible for the financing of disability-related increased demand. You will find according far-reaching information at  Handbuch Studium und Behinderung.