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Study Credits and Long-Term Study Fees

Apart from the  semester fees, long-term study fees may accrue. For a start, every student gets a so-called ‘study credit’ equal to the standard study period of the chosen undergraduate course of studies plus six semesters. In case of a consecutive master programme, the study credit increases by the standard study period for this course of studies.

As long as there is still a personal study credit, no long-term study fees will arise. If the study credit is used up, a long-term study fee of 500 euros per semester will be due. You will find further information here.

Exemption from long-term study fees
According to the Niedersächsisches Hochschulgesetz (NHG) (law on universities in Lower Saxony), students who care for a child (or even several children) less than 14 years old or who nurse a direct relative, can be exempted from long-term study fees.

An exemption is also possible due to a practical study semester required by the study regulations or in case of a mandatory period of studies abroad.
Students on leave of absence are generally exempted from the fee and needn’t file a special application.

The long-term study fee may be waived on application of the student in whole or on part on a case-by-case basis, if  the payment of this fee will lead to undue hardship.
Undue hardship occurs in general if  disablement or chronical illness lead to the prolongation of the study period. Undue hardship also occurs if victims of a crime suffer from consequences which prolong the study period ( § 14 Satz 2 NHG). Hardship applications can only be made towards the end of the respective standard study period.

Please contact the respective enrolment office in regard to an application for exemption.

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