There are insurances for all possibilities. For students, though, only some of them make sense or are even relevant, respectively. The most important insurances are listed here.

Statutory Accident Insurance

Health- and Nursing Care Insurance

Health Insurance Co-Payments for Disabled / Chronically Ill Students

Health Insurance for International Students

Private Liability Insurance


Statutory accident insurance

The accident insurance covers one’s own damages caused by accident. In case of work accidents it serves to restore health and performance. The main benefits are treatments, services for medical rehabilitation and participation in working life as well as further cash benefits  (care allowance, casualty funds).

By means of the statutory accident insurance, students are automatically insured against accidents during their studies and further training at technical colleges and universities according to § 2 SGB VII. The statutory accident insurance is guaranteed by the accident insurance funds of the federal states, accordingly there are no costs for the students. You will find information concerning Lower Saxony  here.


Health- and nursing care insurance

The health insurance covers (part of) the treatment costs in case of illness, maternity and often also after accidents. In case of need for care the insurance provides benefits in cash or kind to ensure the care.

For students the statutory health insurance will apply (see Enrolment). If the parents do have a statutory health insurance, you can be benefit from the family insurance without costs (up to the age of 25, plus times for performed military-, civil- or federal voluntary service).

The family insurance terminates if you earn more than 445 euros per month. If the money should come from a minijob, the limit increases to 450 euros. With married students, the family insurance can be used beyond the 25th year of one’s life, considering the income limit.

If you exceed the income- or age limit, you have to get a student health insurance of your own. At the time being, the monthly costs amount to 66.33 euros (plus additional contribution). The contribution to nursing care depends on whether you have children or not. If this is the case, it costs 16.55 euros. Insured persons older than 23 who don’t have children, must pay a higher contribution, namely 18.17 euros. That amounts to a total of 82.88 euros or 84.50 euros per month, respectively (as of January 2017).

Students who are older than 30 years or study longer than 14 study semesters, are not subject to the compulsory student health insurance any more. Exceptional reasons for a prolongation of the compulsory insurance can be asserted. Persons concerned should seek advice with their health insurance company. Apart from that there is still the option for a voluntary insurance. The monthly costs are about 138, 83 euros plus additional contribution and nursing care insurance.

At the beginning of the studies it is possible to be exempted from the compulsory health insurance if there is a private insurance via the parents or state aid. An exemption from the compulsory health insurance cannot be reversed during the course of studies, so it should be considered thoroughly, especially if it can be foreseen that the entitlement to state aid will cease within the study period (i.e. with the suspension of child benefit on the 25th birthday).


Health insurance co-payments for disabled / chronically ill students

For many services of the health insurances (like e.g. medication, hospital care or physiotherapy) co-payments of the insured person are statutory. An exemption from co-payments can be granted if the so-called capacity limit has been exceeded, which means that co-payments surpass a yearly total of two percent of the gross annual income (one percent for chronically ill persons).

The application must be submitted to the respective health insurance company, including a survey of all expenses and according proof. You will get further information at the GKV-central association or your health insurance company.


Health insurance for international students

Important for international students: a normal travel insurance does not include sufficient insurance coverage. You should arrange for health insurance a soon as possible after your arrival in Germany!

There are social security agreements with some countries, including the member states of the European Union and the European Economic Area.

If you have a compulsory health insurance in your home country, it is possible to have the insurance cover recognised by a statutory health insurance in Germany. Please clarify which documents will be needed for that already in your home country! For students, it is mostly a European Health Insurance Card (EHIC). You can apply for EHIC at your health insurance company without any costs.

Your insurance might not cover all costs in Germany. You should enquire exactly which services you may use in Germany before entering the country.

If you do not have an insurance cover at home, you will have to insure in Germany, like all other students.

Private health insurances of other countries can possibly be accepted in Germany as well. You should clarify this with your insurance. If your private insurance will be accepted, you will need a confirmation for your enrolment that you are exempted from compulsory insurance. You won’t be able to change into a statutory health insurance during your course of studies, though!

For international students who cannot insure with the statutory health insurance companies, the German Association of Student Services has concluded an inexpensive framework-agreement with the Union Insurance Service (no nursing care insurance, must possibly be concluded with another insurance company). The maximum period of insurance is five years.

Students who have been insured via DKV until the 31st of December, 2013, enjoy provision made to safeguard existing standards: in case of maintenance of the current conditions, there is insurance coverage for the existing contracts.

You will find further information here.


Private liability insurance

The private liability insurance covers damages you inflict on other persons. That can range from a broken pair of spectacles to personal injuries.

If your parents have concluded such an insurance, you will be insured via your parents under certain conditions (you must be younger than 25 years, unmarried and formally belonging to the household of your parents).

If you cannot be insured via your parents’ insurance, it is recommendable to conclude a private liability insurance by all means. The fees vary, starting with 32 euros per year for singles.