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Mensa & Cafeteria Clausthal

Maximilian Busch

stellvertretender Betriebsleiter Mensa Wolfenbüttel

Bild von Maximilian Busch - stellvertretender Betriebsleiter Mensa Wolfenbüttel

Adresse:Salzdahlumer Str. 46/48
 38302 Wolfenbüttel

Tel.:(0 53 31) 31-03 6
Fax:(0 53 31) 72-32 8
E-Mail:m.busch (@) stw-on .de

Opening hours:


Mon to Fri    11:20 – 13:45 h

Mon to Thu   7.30 – 17:00 h
Fri                   14.30 – 14.30 h

during semester break:

Mon to Fri Fr 08.00 – 14.30 Uhr

Contact partner Cafeteria:

Sonja Broi
Phone : (0 53 23) 72 – 39 43

Parent-Kids-Corner at the refectory

The Student Services has installed a parents-kids-corner at the refectory in cooperation with the TU Clausthal. Thus, the little ones have a proper place to dine as well.

Behind a colourful partition wall there are high chairs, children’s books and a microwave oven to heat up baby food. The little ones have extra dishes, too. The parent-kids-corner is accessible via stairs or elevator.

Just contact us, if you have suggestions or improvements for this area.

Your contact partner:

Maximilian Busch
deputy manager
Phone: (05323) 72-2605