More and more students have children of their own, which they must integrate into their study lives. Thus, it is helpful that the Student Administration OstNiedersachsen has some information on the topic ”Studying with Child”. If you have any further questions, please contact our Psychological Counselling Centre, it will support you in regard to parental benefits, nurseries, finances etc.

Apart from that, there are a nursing room and high chairs for children at your disposal at our refectory, so that you can enjoy your meals together with your child.

Day Care Campuszwerge

Children of the age 0 to 3 play, romp and laugh together at our institution, which is directly situated at the campus. In exceptional cases, older children may participate as well. The group consists of 5 children, which are present at the time, maximum. As a trained specialist for early-childhood education and qualified day care nurse, Mrs. Bärbel Eggers offers an affectionate and responsible support for you child. The spacious outdoor area is perfectly suited to combine nature education with the cultural diversity of our children.

The day care-times take place from Monday until Thursday from 9.00 to 17.00 as well as on Friday from 9.00 to 13.00 h.

For registration, please contact the supervisor Mrs. Frau Bärbel Eggers directly via phone: (05323) 72 – 72 24 or on the mobile: (0152) 567 122 99.

Studying with Child

The Student Administration OstNiedersachsen has published a leaflet concerning the issue “Studying with Child” as well as other according leaflets. All of them are available in the German language as download or in print at the office of the Student Administration OstNiedersachsen.

You will find information on the topic “Family-friendly University” at

Parent-Kids-Corner at the refectory

The Student Administration has installed a parents-kids-corner at the refectory in cooperation with the TU Clausthal. Thus, the little ones have a proper place to dine as well.

Behind a colourful partition wall there are high chairs, children’s books and a microwave oven to heat up baby food. The little ones have extra dishes, too. The parent-kids-corner is accessible via stairs or elevator.

Just contact us, if you have suggestions or improvements for this area.

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