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Guest rooms at the Student Services

At our dormitory VI –  situated in direct vicinity of the campus – we can offer you guest appartments (6 single appartments, 1 double appartment)

At our dormitory XII – centrally located and in direct vicinity to the TU main building and the – we can offer you 3 rooms in the shared flat for guests for short-term rental.

  • For students e.g. in the scope of a short-term programme or an internship
  • Tenants of the Student Services who want to accommodate their guests
  • Future students
  • Guests of the universities

Diana Gabas

Sachbearbeiterin Clausthal

Adresse:Leibnizstr. 12
 38678 Clausthal-Zellerfeld

Tel.:(0 53 23) 72-72 00
Fax:(0 53 23) 72-72 49
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