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Living at Clausthal-Zellerfeld

City & Region

As a student of the TU Clausthal you will experience a unique and international atmosphere. Surrounded by nature, students and scientists learn and research closely together. The contentment of the students and the quality of the education in Clauthal are regularly mirrored by excellent results at the university ranking.

The TU Clausthal offers a broad range of studies with different major subjects, while technical fields of application have a greater focus. Materials sciences, mechanical engineering, process engineering, chemical processes, physical technologies, energy and basic materials in combination with mathematics, informatics and economics are the core competence of the university,

Its outstanding studying conditions distinguish Clausthal from the broad mass of German universities. Thanks to the convenient size of the university with its 4500 students, a very personal relationship developed between  students and teachers – and this is the best precondition for successful studies.

The TU Clausthal is especially proud of its many foreign students. They are the proof that the university is well-positioned on the international education market, too,  and well known far beyond Germany’s borders. To integrate into a multicultural student community and to deal with different languages, different attitudes towards life and different customs is not only a personal experience, but also a valuable preparation for a globalised labour market.

The housing situation is an important part of the general conditions of studying. Clausthal-Zellerfeld is one of the few university cities, where there is sufficient housing space for reasonable expenses as well on the private market as in houses of the Student Administration.


Living Costs

  • litre of milk: 0,55-0,95 €
  • 1 litre of beer: 1,00-1,40 €
  • 1 litre of gasoline: 1,30-1,40 €
  • 250 grams of butter: 0,80-1,00 €
  • 1 500 grams of bread: from 2,50 € on
  • Railway ticket from Clausthal-Zellerfeld to Hannover: 19,50 €
  • Railway ticket from Clausthal-Zellerfeld to Berlin: 61 €

There are several possibilties to supply yourself with food. Supermarkets with different price structures allow to buy all things for the daily need either favourable or more expensive.


The situation at the German labour market is very tense. There are many people unemployed and jobs are rare. Accordingly, it is hard for students to earn money during their studies.

In addition to that you have to keep in mind that there are some necessary investments, mainly to establish a household. In order to be able to acquire bedclothes and dishes you should have financial resources. Apart from that there are study fees, semester fees and the costs for a semester ticket. Please allow for a budget for teaching materials, e.g. specialist books and scripts. In order to supply yourself with convenient food at the mensa, you need money for the Mensacard, too.

It is difficult to get a scholarship to cover the living costs. In case of an extension of studies it must be made sure that the finances are secured and an according proof must be provided. If there is no such proof, you are not allowed to go on studying.

Please take these tips seriously, as it is most embarrassing to have too little financial resources at the beginning of your studies and as a result to be unable to devote yourself fully to your studies.


Leisure Time

If you think that studying just means to crouch over your desk, to go through your books and to learn, learn, learn, you have no idea what student life has to offer apart from that.

The outstanding location – high up in the Harz – and the wide range offered by the Sports Institute of the TU Clausthal encourage a sporty balance. There are more than 60 kinds of sport, including canoeing, aikido, aerobics, inline skating, mountain biking, walking, skiing, dancing, tennis or beach volleyball – there is something to suit everybody’s taste. In winter , you can cruise the groomed tracks of the Oberharz with borrowed skies or go ice skating on one of more than 70 frozen lakes and ponds. In summer, they are used for bathing and diving.

If you are looking for diversion apart from sports, you may forget everyday life at the cinema or the theatre or visit one of the regular concerts in Clausthal. Student cultural festivals, mensa parties and dormitory fetes are extremely popular – not only with students.

Those who want to become artistically active themselves can just enter choires, orchestras or student theatre groups.


Naturally, there are typical student pubs in Clausthal, too. The  Kellerclub and the Anno Tobak are particularly noteworthy.  The Kellerclub is managed by students for students as a registered association. It does not only have the cheapest beer throughout Clausthal but you can also have fun with table soccer, billard and darts. There are musical theme nights meeting even the most special musical taste.

The „Anno“ is characterized by its flair: on the ground floor there are comfortably furnished rooms with pictures of bygone times, which make you dwell in memories, while a disco in the cellar gives dance-crazed ones a chance for deployment. The open air concerts of the  „Anno“ are extremely popular.



Leisure time:


Important Telephone Numbers and Emergency Numbers

  • Police: 1 10
  • Fire brigade: 1 12
  • Deutsche Bahn AG (German railway) – timetable information (voice dialogue system) – travel service (tickets, reservations, fare information)
0800-1 50 70 90 (free of charge from the German fixed network) 11 8 61 *
  • Deutsche Post AG,
    customer phone: 0 18 02-33 33 *
    directory enquiries: 11 8 33
  • Poison control centre: 05 51/1 92 40
  • Emergency line for children and youths: 08 00-1 11 03 33
  • Crisis line
    Protestant: 0800-1 11 01 11
    Catholic: 0800-1 11 02 22
    (free of charge from the German fixed network)
  • Animal rescue: 1 10
  • Der WEISSE RING e. V.
    Emergency line for victims: 01803-34 34 34 *
  • Central on-call duty for the blocking of EC cards
    0180-5 02 10 21*

*premium rate numbers