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Internet access at the student dorm

This is an overview of the most frequent questions and answers in regard to internet access at the student dormitories of the Student Services OstNiedersachsen, location Clausthal-Zellerfeld.

What are the costs for an internet access?

There are no additional costs for the internet access at the student dormitory. The costs incurred are already included in the incidental rental costs.

Which network-compatible devices can be connected to the network?

Each room at the dormitory is equipped with a network connection. You can connect diverse network-compatible devices like PCs, notebooks etc., where a 10/100/1000 Mbit/s-network card is installed. You need an additional network cable (         rj45-network cable Cat5e or later) for the connection between network socket and terminal devices.

How can I activate the internet access?

The network connections are administered by the Student Services OstNiedersachsen. An activation is always device-dependent, the internet access is automatically activated for the first PC you note on the registration page. If you want to connect more devices, each device has to be registered at the Student Services. The initial registration at the dormitories takes place via a fixed notification system. In general, the registration for the dormitories 2 – 11 is according to the following pattern:

1  Connect the network-compatible terminal device with network connection or network socket, respectively. If the network socket at your room has several sockets, please make sure to use the left side.

2  Start a browser (e.g. Firefox, Chrome, Internet Explorer) and access any website (e.g.

3  You should be automatically routed to the registration system (Fig. 1). Please fill in the registration page.

Fig. 1 Home page of the registration system

As a rule, during our office hours from Monday to Friday, the access will be activated within 24 hours after the receipt of the registration. Please fill in the registration only once, repeated registration will lead to prolonged processing times!

At the dormitories 1 (Alte Münze) and 12 (ÖSW): please contact the according network tutor!

Where can I apply for a user account at the RZ?

Since winter semester 14/15, the user’s account credentials of the Rechenzentrum (computer centre) are send to you via letter post, together with your enrolment certificate, your student identity card, etc. If you havn’t received your RZ user account data, you can apply for a RZ user account at the RZ helpdesk at the library.

Who can help me, if I have questions or problems?

Just write an e-mail to our trouble ticket system:

Here, the problem can be outlined in detail. In order to ensure a swift response, please don’t forget to state your room number as well as your telephone number in the e-mail!

We will get back to you.


Call our support hotline in case of urgency:

0531 – 391 4971 (Mon. – Fri. 07:00 – 17:00 h)

Please have your dormitory-, room- and callback number ready as well.

At the dormitories 1 (Alte Münze) and 12 (ÖSW), please contact the network tutor responsible for your dormitory, first!