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Our service for you!

Your place at university is granted and the room at the dormitory is chosen? Then you just have to move in! As small as the new student dig might be: everybody wants to make it snug and comfortable. The dormitory management’s staff is happy to help you here, too. You can e.g. buy our starter packs before moving in. Our staff is there to advise you – and you can simply fetch the required things at the dormitory.

Starter pack „All for the bed“

Who likes to bring along  pillows, bedspreads and bed clothes when moving in ? Just book our service pack „All for the bed“. It contains:

1 bedspread

1 set of bed clothes (containing bed sheet, cover for pillow, cover for bedspread)

Price: 48,- €


Cold-foam mattress 90 x 200 cm

Price: 55,- €

Starter pack „All for the bath“

Our starter pack „All for the bath“ contains a basic equipment of towels:

2 towels 50 x 100 cm

1 shower towel 70 x 140 cm

Price: 12,- €

Starter pack “All for cleanliness”

Our starter pack “all for cleanliness” contains a basic equipment of cleaning utensils:

1 Bucket (10 l)
1 All-purpose cleaner
1 Sanitary cleaner
1 WC-set
1 Multi-purpose fleece
1 hand brush and dustpan

Price: 10 €

Starter pack All for the kitchen“

Our starter pack “All for the kitchen” contains a basic equipment of dishes or cooking utensils, respectively:

Dish set: 

1 Dessert plate
1 Cereal bowl
1 Coffee mug
1 Dinner plate
1 Soup plate
1 Fork
1 Knife
1 Tablespoon
1 Teaspoon
1 Glass

Price: 18 €

Cooking set: 

1 Pan, 24 cm
1 Pot, 2,4 l
1 Pot, 1,4 l
1 Pot, 0,8 l
Cookware, 3 pcs
1 Screw driver

Price: 32 €


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