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Our dormitories

In Clausthal, the Student Services runs about  1250 rooms in larger and smaller houses. The housing offers are diverse and range from single rooms, single appartments and doublets to shared flats.

Each student of the TU Clausthal may apply for each house. We do our best to take into account particular preferences for a certain house or the wish to live together as a student couple.

Each house has a fast internet access as well as telephone connection and cable- or satellite TV.

Dormitory I was opened in 1951 as the first student dormitory of Clausthal. It is situated at the “Alte Münze”, a lovely building, which is listed as a historic monument. There are single rooms and -appartments for 37 students.
Dormitory II was constructed a little later with 57 rooms for students.
Dormitories I and II are centrally located in Clausthal: the student pubs “Kellerclub” and “Anno Tobak” are right at the door step, just like the main shopping street Adolph-Roemer-Strasse “Roe” with all major shops and the main building of the TU.

The dormitories III - VIII are situated at the campus at the area of the Feldgraben. Together they contain about 660 rooms and appartments. The new dormitory XI, which was constructed in 2007 and is called “Villa Kunterbunt” due to its cheerful, many-coloured facade , can be found at the campus area as well. The dormitory consists of two linked appartment buildings and has 280 large (about 18 m²) and beautiful single appartments with bath and a small kitchen. Most of the departments and lecture halls as well as the mensa and cafeteria are in direct vicinity.

Dormitory XII is the former Protestant Student Dormitory (ESW), which has been taken over by the Student Administration in 2008. The house is centrally located in Clausthal, in direct vicinity to the main shopping street Adolph-Roemer-Strasse and the main building of the TU. It contains 51 single rooms, which have a size of approximately 11 m² each. It has a strong connection to the Protestant Student Community and is run by a student self-management.

In general, there are waiting times of several months. Especially at the beginning of the semester, the demand for rooms can be huge – so make sure to apply in good time!