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Mensa Survey Johnson 2016 – here are the results

At the different university locations, the Student Services conducts regular surveys about the student canteens. We do this in order to find out what our guests like and what we could do even better. Accordingly, we have been working with the market research institute Conomic since 2014.

In April and May 2016, a comprehensive online survey took place at the locations of Hildesheim, Lüneburg, Holzminden and Suderburg. Almost 3,000 students and employees from the four locations followed our call and participated. In a general section we asked some introductory questions about nutrition.

The result that nutrition is quite or respectively very important for 87% of all respondent persons comes as no surprise. It encourages us to continue to set a great store by the quality of our mensas and to test them regularly by means of surveys.

The structure of the different feeding types is rather interesting. 56% of the interviewed visitors of the Mensa Hohnsen stated stated that they eat vegetarian food consciously from time to time but consume meat regularly, too (flexitarians). Almost one third (29%=) like to eat meat quite often, 11% are vegetarians and 5% vegans.


Apart from the general section there were questions about the time-of-use of  the mensa, the quality of the food, the service and the premises of the respective mensa.


This is a summary of the results for the Mensa HAWK Hohnsen:

(Table captions: total satisfaction, range of offer, service, organisation and information, location, 1 = very good, 5 = inadequate) (113 persons surveyed)

The Mensa HAWK Hohnsen scored extra well in regard to organisation & information as well as service: the friendliness and helpfulness of the staff and their knowledge of  the singular dishes continuously gets good marks. The same counts for the daily food offer, the labelling of the dishes and the payment system. The wish for longer opening hours and shorter waiting times is clearly paramount.

The locations were rated as unfavourable, especially the high noise level, the atmosphere and the lack of space.

The respondents wished for a greater variety of the menu (i.a more vegetarian and vegan offers). The look and the combination of dishes were seen as expendable, too.

After having evaluated the data the task is now to see which measures can be taken to put the criticised points right and to improve our mensas even more. We will report regularly about news and changes and will keep you posted.