Who can adress to the Cultural Office?

The Cultural Office Hildesheim is contact person for Hildesheim students, no matter of University or HAWK, no matter if you attend artistic courses or not.
Naturally we support cooperational projects with students of other universities, professional artist or non-student in so far they enrich the culture life of Hildesheim.

Which projects are supported?

The Cultural Office supports all student projects of Hildesheim students, in so far they don’t take part in course of the University.
An application form for financial aid can be filled out by any Hildesheim student.

What isn’t been supported by the Cultural Office?

Unfortunately we can not support financially the realization of term papers of University or HAWK. We’re still available for those projects to help.
Bachelor-, Master- and Diploma theses are excluded from this rule, as long as they have public visibility exceeding the exam itself.

In particular, this means that any theatre-, dance and concert projects must be publicly performed at least twice and that art projects must be accessible at least four weeks to the public in form of a public exhibition, which will be supported. Film projects have to include at least one public presentation. The participation at festivals is also favourably taken into account. In regard to all presentations, a considerable part of them has to take place at Hildesheim. If the artistic concept does not allow a repeated presentation, the decision about support will be made individually.

A support of the Cultural Office isn’t granted for commercial events or non-student projects.

Which kind of support can be expected by the Cultural Office?

The Cultural Office counsels and helps you with planning, organisation and realization of projects, exhibitions and events. We support you with press and public work, provide equipment (e.g. for exhibitions), besides you can use the Cultural Office as a “Backoffice” (copying, telephoning, sending etc.) for your projects. A financial support is possible. The maximum fund per project is 250 Euro.
Through our artist file you can contact others. In case of show offers, we gladly recommend artists registred by us.
Each semester you can use the culture magazin of the Culture , Kultur pur, to present cultural/artistic projects and initiatives or to announce current productions and events.

How can I place an application for financial aid?

If you want to apply for financial aid, it’s important that you make sure that your files are here at least 6 weeks before the event.
The application forms should at least be out of a cover letter to the Cultural Office, a wish for financial aid, a description of your project, some data of participants and a cost and financial plan. A sample application form you be found here.

How often can I apply for financial aid?

For each initiative/project can only once per calendar year be applied for financial aid. Beyond that, we support you in another form with your project.
If you participate in various projects you can apply for financial aid for each of your projects per calendar year, even if  the applicant should be the same.