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Living in Hildesheim

City & region

The city Hildesheim is placed in beautiful scenic area. It’s 30 km south of the Lower saxon regional capital, Hanover and possesses about an excellence traffic connection.

Particularly famous is Hildesheim through its churches and cultural monuments. The cathedral and the Michaeliskirche, since 1985 member of the world heritage of the UNESCO, are a masterwork of church architecture. And those are famous for the art treasures. The gothic church St. Andreas has the highest (114,35 m) steeple in Lower Saxony which is accessible through 364 steps.

The historical market place with the famous Knochenhauer-Amtshaus was called by Wilhelm von Humboldt “the nicest market place in the world”. Compared to the famous scholar, feel the visitors still like if they’re in another world when they look at the reconstructed place – from the present back to the last century.
Legends and history around them.
The small city in the middle of Lower Saxony is reach of other bigger cities like Braunschweig, Hanover and Hamburg and the country capital Berlin. The 293.100 in the county Hildesheim; 110.000 inhabitants in the city coin the picture of the city. Aboriginals are mixing with students from all over the world.

Hildesheim offer all avantages of city life connected with a good straightforwardness of the city. All important aims in the city can be reacher per food or bike in short time. Besides there’s a rough public transportation system of buses for free charge for students.

Cost of living

1 litre milk: 0,69€, 1 litre beer: 1,40€, 1 litre gasoline: 1,40€, 250 gr butter: 0,80€, 1 500 gr bread: 2,50€, a train ticket from Hildesheim to Hanover: 7 €, a train ticket from Hildesheim to Berlin: 55 €

For the personal supply with food are various food shops there. Markets with different price structures permit shopping from cheap to more expensive food for the daily use.

Besides there’re various shops which sell books to nice t-shirts.

The shop market situation in Germany is very tense. Many people are unemployed. Jobs are rare and for students it’s difficult to earn money beside studying.

Furthermore has to be noticed that with begin of the semester investments have to be made. e.g. all investments concerning household. To buy bed stuff and cutlery and other investments you need to have a financial nest egg. In university you need to pay for tution fee, semester contribution and the semester ticket. Plan also investment of study books e.g. books and scripts. Furthermore you need to plan a budget for your Menscard so you can eat cheap in the mensa.

Scholarships to ensure the living costs are very rare. In case of study enlargement you need to make sure that your finances are secured. Here you have to have a certificate. If you can not show it then you can not study.

Please take these tips seriously because nothing is unpleasing than to have not many money reserves to finance your study.

Recreation time

The city offers various possibilities for your free time. A number of theatres, cinema and bars let you to relax in one or many evenings.
Many students in Hildesheim coin the night life. Bars and discos offer variation in the student every day life. Adresses and telephone numbers can be found above.

Bischofsmühle Hildesheim
Dammstraße 32
31134 Hildesheim
Tel. (0 51 21) 3 40 88
Live concerts, events and more!

Halle 39
Schinkelstraße 7
31137 Hildesheim
Tel. (0 51 21) 7 48 39 39
mess & exhibitions – sport events – concerts & music events – congresses – meetings & seminars – adventure catering – firm gala & incentives

Kulturfabrik Lösecke
Langer Garten 1
31137 Hildesheim
Tel. (0 51 21) 5 53 76
The KulturFabrik Löseke is sociocultural centre in Hildesheim. We organizate culture in the field: music, theatre /literature, cabaret, art, socioculture, club events…

Freibad und Camping Müggelsee
Am Müggelsee 4
31135 Hildesheim
Tel. (0 51 21) 5 31 51

Stadttheater Hildesheim

#anker(Important telephone numbers & emergency telephone numbers

Important telephone numbers & emergency telephone numbers

Area code Hildesheim: 05121
Police: 1 10
Fire department: 1 12

Deutsche Bahn AG
time table information
(speech dialog system)

(tickets, reservation, price infomration)
0800- 1 50 70 90 (free of charge from the fixed line network) 11 8 61 *

Deutsche Post AG,
Client telephone: 0 18 02-33 33 *

Telephone sevice: 11 8 33

Poison counselling: 05 51/1 92 40

Children and teenager telephone: 08 00-1 11 03 33

Crisis line
Protestant: 0800-1 11 01 11
Catholic: 0800-1 11 02 22
(free of charge from the fixed line network)

Animal rescue service: 1 10

Victim emergency service: 01803-34 34 34 *

Central on-call duty for blocking of an account (EC)
0180-5 02 10 21*