Housing allowance

Housing allowance is a monthly government grant state towards the costs of housing. The amount is calculated with consideration of the actual accommodation costs, the chargeable total income and the size of the household (There are existing tagbles (www.bmvi.de)).

As a rule, students are excluded from the receipt of housing allowance, if they are in principal entitled to receive BAföG. This does not apply, if the funding takes place as a complete loan (proof must be produced by an according notice of the BAföG department).

One is not in principal entitled to BAföG, e.g.

Another exemption is if the student lives in one household with relatives (e.g. children, other relatives, spouse or consensual partner), who do not study themselves. In this case there might be an entitlement as a complete household or (if the need of the relative is covered by other social benefits like ALG / income support) as a separate entitlement of the student.

To be granted housing allowance, a certain minimum income must be proven. The income (including the potentially granted housing allowance) should cover at least 80% of the actual need. The figures are orientated according to the respective actual standard rate + health insurance fee + rent (excl. electricity).

If the ongoing revenues should not cover this percentage, existing assets can be used, as long as they are not defined as “substantial assets”according to  § 21 Nr. 3 W0GG.
Study loans or parental allowance are classified as income in regard to the minimum income level, but there are differences within the actual calculation of housing allowance:

  • A study loan does not count as income, therefore the housing allowance turns out higher.
  • Parental allowance is addressed as income.

Housing allowance will not be paid in retrospective, that is why the application should be made yearly,i.e.  two months before expiry of the transition period.

Apart from that, the centre of one’s life must be where the housing allowance is granted.

Housing allowance at the city of Lüneburg

Housing allowance at the county of Lüneburg