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Dining nice and inexpensively

The Student Services commits itself to offer two dishes (one of it vegetarian) per day at its refectories for 2,50 € maximum.

Genetically modified food is out of the question.

For years, our suppliers are obliged to provide us with GMO-free food. We are taking all effort to reduce the application of food additives to a minimum.

We use only iodized table salt in food processing.  Organically produced food and products from species-appropriate animal husbandry are expressly indicated. We will gladly provide you with further information in order to assist our guests in case of special nutritional requirements. Just contact the according chef de cuisine.

Did you know…

…that the Student Services has abandoned the use of flavour enhancers at its cafeterias?

Food with declarable food enhancers has been completely removed from our product range. Accordingly, the indication “contains flavor enhancers” (additives: 4) was deleted from the menus.