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Nursery Group “Campus”

  • Our division into the nursery group  “Tiger” and the day nursery “Mäuse” is partly open. There is a room for each group and particular age-appropriate projects as well as comprehensive offers. All children have breakfast and lunch in their group rooms.
  • The educators support the children in regard to independence, verbal and non-verbal social interaction, in acting out their creativity, urgency to move, in exploring their surroundings and nature, in experiencing, showing and understanding their feelings and in taking a chance to use cultural offers.
  • Our offers: during free play, the children may choose their partners, the kind and length of games as well as the location. Rolling breakfast means to eat when you are hungry, in a comfortable atmosphere with friends as long as you want. There is a free choice of drinks and fruit in the afternoon. Sports hall, work room, ball pool and mud box are accessible at any time. It is possible to play outside in the garden under all weather. Visiting the nearby institutions like university, library, theatre etc. is very important to us. We are organizing projects in regard to topics like: art in the hand of children, forest, ‘I am myself’, learning workshop and ‘tall gets small’. Together with the children, we are celebrating birthdays, festivities in the course of the year (Easter, Christmas, spring festivals etc.), departure or the start of school.
  • Our parents’ work is implemented by: parental conversation, parents’ evenings, cooperation with the parents’ council, the parent café-corner and joint festivals and excursions with the parents and children.

Opening hours:
Mon – Fri: 08.00 – 16.00 h
Early duty from 7.30 h on

Target group:
Mainly children, whose parents are studying at a university in Lüneburg, about 30% of children, whose parents are not studying.


2 group rooms, work room, sports hall, kitchen, garden.

Group structure:
38 children in 2 groups:

At the nursery “Mäuse”, we look after 15 children from the age of 1 – 3 years,
the kinder garden group “Tiger” cares for 23 children from the age of 3 – 6 years.