Development needs movement

The day care centre “Die Strolche” gets a landscape of movements

The children and adults started very actively into the new year! As an introduction there was a video film and information and then we started: parents and children emptied the whole kindergarden. All toys, materials, creativity area and all doll furniture was being removed in big boxes. Therefore was much place for movement: trapeze swing as a challenge for the bigger children, trampoline and soft ground invited to be jumped on, the furniture was constructed with help of blankets and sticks to wholes or “climbing rocks”. Injuries were being avoided by mats, rent by the university sport institute and other day care centres, the parents also brought many blankets, stools, mattresses and other material.
Children experience themselves and their environment through movements, it’s basic for physical, emotional and social development. To support this for some time was the aim of the “Strolche – team” and after 8 months was the result very satisfying. On the “childrens’ conference” and on the parents evening at the end were children and parents very satisfied.
“We’ll do that again!” was the conclusion of this project.

A tree stick comes flying…

“Die Strolche” have a new outdoor area*

The big and wide oak log was the “core” of the new nature play ground – and the successful end of a year full of work!
The “Strolche parents” had begun in march with an first weekend action, four others followed in the year. With muscle power, persistence and fun (!) was the play ground being renaturated. “Quare – practical – good” didn’t meet the needs of the children anymore and so the plan to build a rustical play level was put up. The guidance was made by the “Holunder school”, a group for alternative play grounds. With help of sponsors were the costs for the Studentenwerk very low.
Now are the children very happy to play in a small mountain landscape and the parents help to keep the play ground clean annually with a “garden day”.