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Counselling is often the first contact point, if personal, social and financial problems should occur during the studies.

Personal consultation and information are of paramount importance. There are often very complex problems, where personal, financial or organisational difficulties interrelate.

Sometimes, a single piece of information may suffice to solve the problem, but more often, an intense support in regard to decision-making processes and finding solutions is necessary.

In order to make the counselling as suitable as possible, it might become necessary to consult other institutions or authorities.

Psychological Counselling

Whether you have exam nerves or personal conflicts – our Psychological Counselling is there for you! Please contact our Counselling Centre in Braunschweig. You can also get advice via chat.

Legal counselling

The student union of the Ostfalia offers legal advice, i.e. a initial consultation in regard to legal questions by a lawyer. You will find the dates here.

Certification Service

The Student Administration offers a certification service at all its locations.  Further information