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The Student Services OstNiedersachsen offers advice and help to students in different fields.

Social Counselling

Our Social Counselling offers advice and information in regard to (almost) all social study-related questions, from unemployment benefit and health insurance to exemption from fees and housing benefit.

Psychological counselling

Our  Psychological Counselling is there for you! Don’t hesitate to contact us, if you

  • suffer from lack of concentration
  • have exam nerves or suffer from other fears
  • have conflicts with parents, partner or flat mates
  • often feel cast down or depressed
  • have problems with your self-esteem
  • have unsatisfactory  relationships with other people
  • often feel overstrained or insecure
  • have an acute personal crisis
  • want to talk about a problem with someone who listens to you openly, neutrally and with appreciation
  • need information about psychotherapy

Certification Service

The Student Services offers a certification service at all its locations.  Further information