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Our Tasks


Even somebody who has never seen the inside of a university will know that there is (nearly) always a refectory. Still, not even the students themselves are always familiar with the organisation which, amongst other things, runs the refectories – the Student Services  (=Studentenwerk). As the name already suggests, we, the Student Services, work on behalf of the students. Our task is to support students economically, in regard to health, socially and culturally in order to contribute to the success of their studies.
That means: we prepare tasty, inexpensive dishes and snacks for you, create affordable accommodations, rent out and find rooms, run day-care centres, offer social and psychological counselling and initiate and promote cultural activities through our cultural office. The “BAföG-Amt” (student loans office), including the associated consultation and application process within the range of educational grants, also belongs to the Student Services.

Legal Form

The Student Services is neither an institute of the university, nor is it managed by students. In fact, we are an independent organisation under public law. Our tasks are laid down in the „Hochschulgesetz“ (Higher Education Act, concerning the universities of Lower Saxony (NHG)) and in our statutes. These laws also regulate our work as an independent, semi-governmental institute supervised by board of directors and a management board. In these supervisory boards, employees of the universities, representatives of the public, as well as students are involved in controlling the activities of the Student Services. As a modern service company, we regard this close relationship with our “customers” as a huge advantage, as it enables direct feedback and the continual improvement of our services. We are accordingly for everysuggestions from students and members of the university. Just send us an email or give us a call!

Area of responsibility

The area of responsibility of the Student Services OstNiedersachsen covers the entire region of northeastern Lower Saxony. We are looking after students at universities and colleges of higher education in Braunschweig, Buxtehude, Clausthal-Zellerfeld, Hildesheim, Holzminden, Lüneburg, Salzgitter, Suderburg, Wolfenbüttel und Wolfsburg. On the whole, we care for approximately 55,000 students! The Student Services OstNiedersachsen has merged with 57 further members of the governing body „Deutsches Studentenwerk e.V.“, which represents, particularly in regard to on socio-political questions, the interests of about 1.8 million students.


During immatriculation and before each following semester, all students have to prove that they have paid the semester fee to the university. This sum compounds of a so-called administrative expense which goes to the state, the contribution for the representation of interests of students (AStA: Student Union) and the contribution for the Student Administration, which differs according to the location (see Contribution Statutes).
Similar to insurance liability, this is an obligational contribution. All students are thus united in a kind of mutually supportive society, which ensures a broad range of service for each student through a relatively small contribution. The Student Services achieves the major part of its income, approximately 63%, through own earnings, especially by selling food in the refectories and cafeterias as well as due to rental income (residential accommodations). The county of Lower Saxony county refunds the costs of educational administration (BAföG) and provides financial aid. This sum is calculated on the basis of the number of students enroled and the number of meals sold at the refectories.