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Contribution Statutes of the Student Services

§ 1 Obligatory contribution

1.  Students who are attended by the Student Services OstNiedersachsen have to pay a semester contribution differing in respect to the location of studies in accordance with the regulation on responsibility of the student administrations, issued by the Ministry for Science and Culture of Lower Saxony.
The fee for the summer semester 2017 amounts to:

  • for the locations of Braunschweig, Clausthal, Hildesheim, Lüneburg, Suderburg ,Wolfenbüttel and Wolfsburg: 96,00 €
  • for the location Holzminden: 71,50 €
  • for the location Buxtehude: 25,00 €
  • for the location Salzgitter: 12,50 €.

2. The fee will increase for every winter semester to come:

  • for the locations of Braunschweig, Clausthal, Hildesheim, Lüneburg, Suderburg ,Wolfenbüttel and Wolfsburg: 2,00 € each
  • for the locations of Holzminden and Salzgitter: 1,50 € each
  • for the location of Buxtehude :0,50 € .

3. Those students who are enroled at more than one university located in the area of responsiblity of the Student Services OstNiedersachsen are obliged to pay one contribution, namely the highest.

§ 2 Relief from obligatory contribution

1. All matriculated students are liable to pay the contribution. Students who do not use the service of the Student Services during the whole semester, as they are demonstrably absent from their place of study, are exempted from the payment of contribution for the according semester on their own request. This also applies for study periods abroad without an exeat at the university at home. The Student Services decides on the application.

2. Students who are matriculated at a university within the area of responsibility of the Student Services OstNiedersachsen and at another German university at the same time, are obliged to pay half of the semester contribution to the Student Services.

§ 3 Maturity and Procedure

1. The contributions are due at imatriculation and re-registration and are collected by the university cost-free on behalf of the Student Services.

2. The contributions are neither deferred nor waived. In case of de-registration the payments made will be refunded, if the application for de-registration has been handed in before or within one month after the beginning of the lecture period.

3. Claims of the Student Services OstNiedersachsen or the payer (related to the payment of contributions) become time-barred after three years.

§4 Coming into effect

The contribution statutes of the Student Services OstNiedersachsen come into effect right after being announced publicly at the universities. The contribution statutes 0f May 14th, 2014, become obsolete by the concluded new version.

The contribution statutes have been announced publicly at the universities on February 9th, 2017.

Braunschweig, as of 9th of February, 2017