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Mission statement

The Student Services OstNiedersachsen offers various kinds of service to students and universities within its area of responsibility. This service creates the framework for successful studies and work. We commit ourselves to the social needs of students, the positive development of the locations we look after, the careful use of natural resources and the maintenance of employment within the Student Services. Accordingly, we cooperate with students and universities in partnership and trust. Our actions are oriented towards the interests of the students while bearing in mind the economic success of our enterprise.

We refer to the following values:

We put trust in each other: personally as well as as in regard to our positions. And we trust in acting on behalf of the Student Services. Trust creates security and reliability in dealing with one another. An atmosphere of trust promotes the chance to exchange ideas and to make decisions. Trust is an important basis for many of our values: responsibility, loyalty, reliability, critical faculties, openness and courage.

We like people and we like to work with them. We are conscious of the responsibility involved and we take it up. We assume responsibility for our colleagues, for the tasks entrusted to us, for the success and failure of the Student Services and, last not least, for our environment. We are responsible for the consequences of our actions and have the confidence to entrust our employees with own areas of responsibility.

We feel associated with the Student Services and express this in regard to our attitude towards employees, superiors and colleagues. The objectives of the Student Services are shared by all, the mutual values are lived and jointly represented internally and externally.

Social awareness
Our actions are not merely oriented to profitability criteria. We regard the Student Services as a whole and the single actors within their social environment. This is especially the case with students and colleagues. We are sensitive to our own prejudices and stand up against any kind of discrimination in our daily actions.

We stand by our decisions and keep to agreements made. We are planning in regard to implementation, control our actions and keep appointments. All employees do what they say and say what they do.

We stand to the rules and agreements. Those are valid for all in the same way and all have the same chances in the scope of their tasks. We make formal decisions regardless of personal preference and listen to both parties in case of conflict. Our cooperation works on the basis of sincere attitude.

We respect our tasks, positions and functions in regard to each other and perceive others as individual persons of the same value. Our dealings with each other are characterized by appreciation, attention and consideration.

Critical faculties
We regard and reflect our own view and that of others from different angles. We express and perceive improvement suggestions and praise bluntly and understandable. In the process, we separate profession from emotion. That is how we develop a culture of appreciation and criticism, which operates on all layers of the Student Services.

We are open to new things, want to remain curious and are able to listen attentively. We are open for other opinions, cultures and life plans as well as for worries, hardships, concerns and proposals. Within an atmosphere of openness, there is the readiness to express and to submit to unusual opininions and new ideas. That is the basis for a well-functioning teamwork.

We face challenges and make decisions. We are willing to undertake calculable risks and to face unpleasant situations. We have the courage to question the status quo – this includes our own decisions – to walk new paths or to hold on to the trusted ones. We encourage others to accompany us on this way.

We wish that all employees will live these values together and serve as a model for each other. The success of our enterprise is based on this bedrock of values as well as on the four pillars of quality management, personnel development, communication and economic efficiency.