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Food labelling

Dear guests,
in order to offer you comprehensive information about our dishes, we label 14 main allergens and further main ingredients. At this, we excercise the greatest care.
The specifications are based on the information of our producers and suppliers. That is why we cannot rule out completely that there are other than the labelled substances in our dishes. Due to the manufacturing processes at our canteen kitchens it is unavoidable that single components and substances are mixed,which might lead to a cross-contamination.


Food labelling

species-appropriate animal husbandry

the menu line “mensaVital“ stands for fresh, balanced and modern food.

Allergen labelling

GL    containing cereal with gluten

GL1  containing wheat

GL2  containing rye

GL3  containing barley

GL4  containing oat

GL5  containing spelt

GL6  containing kamut


KR   containing crustaceans and crustacean products

EI     containing eggs and egg products

FI     containing fish and fish products

EN   containing peanuts and peanut products

SO   containing soy(beans) and products thereof

ML  containing milk and milk products (including lactose)

NU  containing edible nuts and products thereof

NU1  containing almonds

NU2  containing hazelnuts

NU3  containing walnuts

NU4  containg cashew nuts

NU5  containing pecan nuts

NU6  containing Brazil nuts

NU7  containing pistachios

NU8  containing macadamia nuts

SL    containing celery and celery products

SF    containing mustard and mustard products

SE    containing sesame seed and sesame seed products

SW   containing sulphur dioxide and sulphites (> 10 mg/kg o. 10 mg/l)

LU    containing lupine and lupine products

WT  containing molluscs and products thereof





Additive labelling

1    with colouring agent
2    with preservative
3    with antioxidant
5    sulphured
6    blackened
7    waxed
8    with phosphate
9    with sweetener(s)
10    contains a source of phenylalanine
11    containing caffeine
60    with sugar and sweetener(s)


Further labelling

20    with milk proteine
21    with milk powder
22    with wey proteine
23    with egg white
24    using milk
25   using cream
53    containing products of animal origin
62    preserved with Thiabendazole and Imazalil
64    with cocoa-based coating