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Nursery Group “Zwergenbutze”

  • The nursery “Zwergenbutze” is a group with a real family atmosphere, as most of the children stay here for five or more years. We are located directly at the campus and thus in direct vicinity of the studying parents.
  • The premises of the “Zwergenbutze” are designed like a huge flat, in which the children may move and play freely: at the group room, the corridor, the bathroom, the kitchen and the studio, a room for drawing, kneading, handicraft and making pottery.
  • As most of the children stay until early afternoon, they are having lunch together as well, which is prepared at the nearby kitchen of the refectory and delivered to our nursery.
  • Our vast garden is especially tempting in summer and if the weather allows it, we are visiting the wood once a week. In summer, a whole week at the forest is part of our programme.
  • Parents are very welcome and as a rule, there is close contact between the studying parents. They do not only meet when they pick up their children but also in between at the nursery for a nice chat at the coffee corner.

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Nursery group “Zwergenbutze”
Am Exer 23 (City map)
House 19
38302 Wolfenbüttel
Phone: (05331) 90 81 15

Dagmar Trentlage

Leiterin der Kita Zwergenbutze

Bild von Dagmar Trentlage - Leiterin der Kita Zwergenbutze

Tel.:(0 53 31) 90 81-15
Fax:(0 53 31) 90 81-14
E-Mail:kita-wf (@)

Opening hours:
Mon – Fri: 7.30 – 18.00 h

Target group:
The children of single parents will be granted priority admittance.

Located at the campus of the FH, group room, bath, kitchen, studio and garden.

Group structure:
40 children from 1 – 6 years of age and from 2 months – 3 years, respectively.