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Opposition proceedings concerning student loans are no longer possible

In Lower Saxony, opposition proceedings against most administrative acts (= assessments) have been abolished by the law of administration modernisation. This concerns student loan according to BAföG, too. Opposition proceedings are only possible for those assessments, which have been announced before January 1st, 2005.

Regardless of the abolishment of opposition proceedings, persons concerned should contact the student administration in the first instance. It is often the case that an opposition procedure just states changes or facts which have not been explained beforehand. Even if the legal decisions concerning the loan are perceived as inaccurate, the existing doubts can mostly be removed by checking the according law together. Apart from that, you can require the student administration to annul the decision without legal action. If this is rejected, the student administration will issue a respective decision, against which you can still bring an action.

For detailed information, please contact the staff of the department for study financing of the Student OstNiedersachsen.