Mensa for Kids: Piepmampf

At our Mensas and bistros, children up to 10 years get a meal ("Piepmampf-Portion") for 1 Euro, if:

  • the parents are students or staff.
  • they are accompanied by one parent who buys a meal, too.
  • they have a Piepmampf-Pass with them

The Piepmampf-Pass

In order to get a Piepfmampf-Pass, please contact our Mensa-team. It's best to bring along the birth certificate of your child and your matriculation card or work ID card directly.


You will get a plate with the sweet ”Piepmampf” bird at the food service. In addition to that, your child will get a page for colouring and a pack of crayons at the cash register..

Further questions?

The staff at your canteens will be pleased to help you!